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Napolean 4 Piece Toolset Executive Edition

Napolean 4 Piece Toolset Executive Edition

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Napoleon’s Executive 4 Piece Toolset is made from cast stainless steel with comfortable ergonomic handles. The only knife you will ever need, the Napoleon Executive Chef Knife is made from German steel and razor sharp; it’s the ideal all-purpose knife. The large spatula is perfect for steaks and other large food with its bladed tip and serrated edge. The easy-lock stainless steel tongs are always ready for action, their comfortable grip making it easy to grasp and move your grilled delicacies. Don’t forget to splash on the sauce with the silicone basting brush. Be the boss of your grill with the Napoleon Executive 4 Piece Toolset.

  • Basting Brush, Chef’s Knife
  • Tongs & Spatula
  • Cast Stainless Steel
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