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FYRO Binchotan-Style Charcoal Logs

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  • Description
  • Made from eco-friendly fruit wood, this is a high-

    performance charcoal which burns for an extremely 

    long time at remarkably even heat levels.

    produced in the style of Binchotan Charcoal to be very pure and dense, making it perfect for

    longer grilling times and also for professional chefs.

    When lighting, it burns cleanly and is virtually

    smokeless and odourless.


    Due to the large size and high quality raw material, and

    the fact that they do not contain chemical accelerants,

    they can take a longer time to light than regular charcoal. 

    Once it lights, it burns up to 3 times longer than regular charcoal, so that you do not need to keep topping up your

    grill with charcoal, making it extremely competitive

    price-performance wise for every hour of grilling.